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Ah…the end of term is just a matter of days away. Another April Fool’s Day survived. A handful of kids tried to pull the wool over my eyes…I got my own back by sending them off to look for tartan paint. Then pointing out that gullible has been removed from the dictionary.


The 17 Seconds inbox is full to the brim with music as ever, and I barely have time to listen to it all, let alone post it (there are bloggers who can do their blogs from their desk, I am not one of them!)

First up, Bloc Party. I didn’t really get to grips with last year’s Intimacy album, which I genuinely found to be frustrating as I’d been raving abut Bloc Party for many years and when the ‘Flux’ single came out towards the tail end of 2007 thought it was a sign they were going onto even bigger and better things. However, this is from the remixed version of the Intimacy album, entitiled, uh, Intimacy Remixed, and I love this. Maybe this will be the start of a return to form:

Bloc Party -‘Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix).’ mp3

meanwhile, the debut album from Swedish act Doctors and Dealers arrived on my mat via snailmail the other day, but I haven’t, alas, had time to check it all out. But on the evidence of this lead track, I’ll be kicking myself for not doing so…

Doctors and Dealers -‘On The Dancefloor.’ mp3

Is there another Britpop thing going on, that I’ve been too busy listening to black metal, grime, americana and stuff to pay attention to? Well, your shout…but I love this wee gem from the Rumble Strips:

The Rumble Strips -‘London.’ mp3

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