Presenting…The Big Pink


If the name ‘Big Pink’ makes you think of The Band’s album Music From Big Pink or Bob Geldof’s character in Pink Floyd: The Wall…well, fair enough, but you’re quite wrong here, as it happens.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the above named acts, but The Big Pink are in a different league. In some ways, it seems like thye’ve arrived that they’re almost so perfect you wonder why no-one came up with the idea before. A two-man act comprising Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze, though augmented by another four musicians live, they are set to be absolutely massive. They take their cue from the Velvet underground, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, shoegazing and electronica…but there’s something here that seems distinctly theirs.

They’ve so far released one limited single ‘Too Young To Love’/’Crystal Visions’ which can be streamed on myspace. Their next single ‘Velvet’ is a serious contender for track of the year. They’ve already won the Philip Hall Radar Award at the NME Awards this year, and I genuinely believe these guys deserve to be massive. They’re signed to 4AD, which seems like their spiritual home. My latest band to fall in love with…

The Big Pink -‘Too Young To Love.’

The Big Pink -‘Velvet.’

The Big Pink website/The Big Pink Myspace

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