Album Review: The Horrors


The Horrors -‘Primary Colours.’

Dear Horrors,

umm, this is a bit embarassing, like, but I think I owe you an apology.

See, three years ago, when you came along with the ‘Sheena Is A Parasite’ single, I wrote you off as a bunch of Cramps copyists. In London at the Rough Trade store, I told the man in the shop I thought so, too. Maybe it was jealousy on my part. Hell, I hate it when people keep comparing Aberfeldy to Belle and Sebastian.

Over the course of a couple of singles ‘Count In Fives’ and ‘Gloves’ I started to change my mind, though I haven’t bought your first album Strange House yet. I will, though. Then this year, the word started to circulate that your second album was a complete quantum leap forward, and that you’d gone shoegazing.

Well, people can say what they like, because I’m blown away by your sophomore album. Yes it evokes Loveless, and that’s a good thing. It evokes so much good music, and yet I realise you’ve put your own spin on it. There are so many excellent tracks on this album, which I’ve played twice today already. The video for ‘Who Can say’ reminds me of many of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ videos, and how they draw on that final scene of Wings of Desire (have you ever seen that film?!) And the final track ‘Sea Within a Sea’ is one of the tracks of the year. It’s a perfect finish to an excellent album, as good a final track as ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ or ‘Hymn To The Big Wheel’ or ‘Shoot Speed Kill Light.’

Look, I’m sorry, I was rash and hasty, and I said something I shouldn’t have said. I’m kicking myself, if it’s any consolation.

Umm, can we be friends, please?


Ed Seconds


The Horrors -‘Who Can Say.’ video

The Horrors -‘Sea Within A Sea’ video

The Horrors website/The Horrorsmyspace

These will take you to where you can sign up to get a free mp3 of the album’s closing track ‘Sea Within A Sea.’ You won’t regret it…

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