A Paul Haig rarity


I have JC over at the Vinyl Villain to thank for kindling an interest in me of Paul Haig’s work beyond Josef K. Paul Haig and his manager were also enormously supportive of the bloggers who focused on his work on April 6 of this year.

A week or so ago, I picked this up in Avalanche in Edinburgh, pretty reasonably, to get it home and disocver that a) it’s very good, and b) mint copies are going for quite scary money. The single isn’t listed in the great indie Discography Josef K/Paul Haig section, but I rather like it.

Credited to ‘Rhythm Of Life’, the sleeve lists just Stephen Harrison on voice, guitar and lyrics, and Paul Haig as ‘other instruments and voice.’ The Discogs site notes that ‘Recorded as a one off single for Rational Records (Rate 6) although in effect this was the first Rhythm Of Life release. Label descibed on the product as Rhythm Of Life Records – Rate/6 Rhythm 001.’

Anybody know anything more about this record? Released in March 1981, so must have been one of the first post-Josef K released Paul Haig was involved in…

Rhythm Of Life – ‘Soon.’ mp3

Rhythm Of Life -‘Summertime.’ mp3

Paul Haig’s official website/Paul Haig myspace

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