Album Review: Sleepy Sun


Sleepy Sun -‘Embrace.’ (ATP Recordings)

‘Only Connect…’ E.M. Forster, Howard’s End, 1910.

Sigh. Despite my best intentions and several listens, I have to confess that I have failed to connect with this album. It’s not a bad album, or an unpleasant album, I just can’t do more than admire it casually, and agree to disagree. Rather like someone you meet, you don’t hate each other or feel any malice, you just feel that there’s no common ground.

It’s a slightly folky take on stoner rock – it goes without saying almost that these guys and gal hail from California. It’s quite good in itself, as if the Desert sessions of Josh Homme had been invaded by the spirits of Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention circa 1968-1973. There are elements of american psychedelia here – relcoating to San Francisco has clearly rubbed off on them in some ways.

Their catchprase, apparently, is ‘Let’s Get Weird.’ But it’s not in the telling way that it would like to be, but in more of an aspirational way that they don’t seem to quite reach. It’s fine, I just can’t fall in love with it, but I respect it. Sorta.

Nice meeting you, I guess. ‘Scuse me…


Sleepy Sun Website/Sleepy Sun Myspace

Sleepy Sun -‘White Dove.’

Embrace is out now on ATP Recordings.

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