Does there have to be a reason?


So…best single by The Jam, commonly reckoned to be one of the greatest singles bands ever, and quite rightly so?

‘Going Underground?’

That would get many people’s votes – but not mine. Close, but no cigar.

‘Funeral Pyre?’

I love it, and it was nice to see it on Ashes To Ashes last week – but no.

‘News Of the World?’

Now you’re being silly, aren’t you?

No -as the clue at the top may have given it away, it’s got to be ‘Strange Town’ – ‘In the City part 2’ it may be lyrically, but this beats all the others hands down.

The Jam – ‘Strange Town.’ mp3

Oh and best non-single Jam song? I’d go for ‘Ghosts.’

No, not the Japan song, but can be found on The Gift

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