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Lines Drawing Circles – Thebes from LDC on Vimeo.

Video above: Lines Drawing Circles -‘Thebes.’

This is something really special.

I was sent a message by Julie Bienvenu, the drummer of Dublin’s Lines Drawing Circles a week or so ago asking me would I like to listen to their band. A listen to their myspace told me I most definitely did. A package containing their self-titled debut EP which was released last year (available on both iTunes and eMusic so go and buy it. NOW!) and their single from earlier this year, ‘Thebes’/’Fit To Be Tied.’ The band also feature Barry Bracken, Derek Moylan and Peter Grogan.

Everytime I play Thebes, I’m just blown away. This is rock music, Jim, but not as we know it. Is it shoegazing? Whatever, it’s completely addictive and I’m falling for these folks in a big way. What I like, and this is so rare it seems, it doesn’t seem like these three lads and lass wear their influences on their sleeves. And that’s a big bonus. Sure, it’ll get pigeonholed with labels like ‘indie’ ‘punk’ and ‘grunge’ but there’s something very, very special and different here. And that’s exciting.

The single can be downloaded for free here.

Amazingly unsigned, but surely not for long.

Lines Drawing Circles website/Lines Drawing Circles Myspace (do pop along and make friends).

And, as always, please let me know what you think!

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