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Future Of The Left -‘Travels With Myself And Another.’ (4AD)

The follow-up up to their debut Curses, this sophomore release from the welsh three-piece seems almost effortless. It grabs you by the proverbials and quite a few other places from the word go and doesn’t let go.

It’s as loud as hell, and enjoyably so, too. It’s got a sense of humour, clever without being pseudo-intellectual (no mean feat) and angry as well. It’s uncompromising too – thank God they’re on a true independent like 4AD, otherwise somebody somewhere would be trying to encourage them to make it a radio-firendly unit shifter. I have the sneaking suspicion that if anyone tried it with these three Welsh lads, they’d be told where to go, in no uncertain terms, but having a good laugh as they did so.

It’s a twelve track album that clocks on at just under thirty three minutes. This is a good move, as there is no flab on here, this is rock as mean and lean as it gets. Opener ‘Arming Eritrea’ sets the scene: heavy bass, distorted guitar and taking absolutely no prisoners. First single ‘The Hope That house Built’ is the closest they might come to writing an anthem, but on their terms, not in a ‘sod it, let’s sound like Coldplay.’ ‘You Needs Satan More Than He Needs You’ meanwhile, not only has one of the greatest titles ever, but is (reportedly) about the modern Satanist who ‘still has to worry about babysitting and getting the goat home after a blood ritual on a windswept moor. Riiight. The final track sees the singer confusing Jacob’s Ladder with the Shawshank Redemption and revealing Rupert Murdoch as Satan Incarnate. (If anyone wants to sacrifice him on a windswept moor, I think there might well be lots of volunteers).

If there’s anyone who genuinely means it, man, and genuinely refuses to sell out, it’s these three lads. Respect.


Future Of The Left Website/Future Of The Left Myspace

Travels With Myself And Another is out on June 22 on 4AD.

The video for The Hope That House Built:

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