Memories of eighties hits

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to look for this…but all of a sudden, I had to look for ‘Hey Matthew’ by Karel Fialka.

This was a hit in 1987…catchy, unusual and ever so slightly creepy. As an eleven year old I grasped a bit of what was being implied about watching violent TV, but not necessarily the bit that seems to be about politicians and blacklisting.

I recall him doing this on Top of The Pops, with him doing his bits in the studio and the video of Matthew. My Mum was heard to comment ‘It’s such a positive song, why does he have to keep glaring at the camera?’

All together now – ‘I see the A-Team the A-Team.’

Karel Fialka -‘Hey Matthew.’

This had been seen the previous year, again on Top Of the Pops. It was my Dad who grasped the story -see if you can. This was also slightly scary…but in a different way…

Stan Ridgway -‘Camouflage.’

…and bizarrely, this one was one we sang in the car, as a family. My brother and I found this slightly frightening as well…

Pet Shop Boys -‘It’s A Sin.’

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