It’s that time of year again…


The Edinburgh Festival is in full swing, which means that venturing anywhere near the centre of town means that you are besieged by people begging you to come and see ‘the funniest show on the fringe!’ I have, on occasions, made remarks that I’m not going unless it’s an all-lesbian mime version of Macbeth.

Still, secretly, I do enjoy the fringe every year. I have caught some good acts so far this year – as well as the free Guardian podcast (currently doing very well on the iTunes podcast chart), I have also seen Seymour Mace, Miles Jupp, and would recommend that you catch Susan Calman, Daniel Shloss and no doubt others…

So, in case you aren’t in Edinburgh here is a veritable pot-pourri of scottish artists, many of whom have not been featured here before:

Astrid -‘High In The Morning.’ mp3

Young Fathers -‘Straight Back On It.’ mp3

Long Fin Killie -‘Hands and Lips.’ mp3

Exploited -‘Dead Cities.’ mp3

Colin MacIntyre -‘You’re A Star.’ mp3

Tango In The Attic -‘Jackanory.’ mp3

Be A Familiar -‘Pain In The Heart.’ mp3

Parka -‘Better Anyway.’ mp3

Hazey Janes -‘New York.’ mp3

Monica Queen -‘I’m Sorry Darling.’ mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, please support the artists. All these artists can be found on eMusic.

*this is not to show disrespect to gay folk of either gender, women, mime artists or Shakespeareans. OK?

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