Presenting…Cold Cave


How do Matador do it?

Yet again, they have signed another totally awesome-sounding band, who have managed to sweep me off my feet, aurally speaking, anyway, with a couple of mp3s.

Cold Cave actually issued their debut album, Love Comes Close, last month on their own label Heartworm Press. Matador not being a label to let the grass grow beneath their feet have snapped them up and will be re-issuing the album in the first week of November.

This is gorgeous electro, which is perfectly now, and leaves La Roux and Little Boots standing, in my opinion. According to the Matador website :’Cold Cave is led by musical journeyman Wesley Eisold and is joined by an orbiting line-up that includes fellow allies Caralee McElroy (formerly of Xiu Xiu), Dominick Fernow (contemporary noise icon Prurient) and Max G. Morton (celebrated author).’

So, yet again, Matador have their fingers well and truly on the pulse so well it’s almost painful. I love ’em.

These two mp3s have been made available…see what you think!

Cold Cave -‘Laurels of erotomania.’ mp3

Cold Cave -‘life magazine.’ mp3

Cold cave website/Cold Cave Myspace

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