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New Model Army -‘Today Is A Good Day’ (Attack Attack)

It’s now nearly thirty years since New Model Army formed, and twenty since the album for which they are still most remembered Thunder and Consolation. Speaking to Justin Sullivan recently, he acknolwedged that the time at which the band were most famous was the early nineties, but he also stated that this was the period of his life when he found things most stressful. Over the last decade and longer, they have released their albums through their own label, and enjoyed working at their own pace.

This twelve track album showcases – yet again – that Justin Sullivan is one of Britain’s best lyricists. He writes from the heart, and with passion, and not necessarily always about politics, either. The title track kicks off with mentions of the collapse that took place on Wall Street in 2008 ‘We became what we despise.’ ‘Arm Yourselves and Run’ with its’ reference to graffiti from Belgrade in 1991 shows how much things change and yet remain the same. Yet, as is a common theme with New Model Army’s work, there is a sense of hope and redemption; all is not lost. We have to seize the day, wake up to how wonderful nature is: ‘So who wants to live forever. when these moments only come the once?’ he sings on Autumn, summing up not only what is beautiful about the season, but also what is beautiful about life. We cannot place much value on those things that are easily replaceable.

New Model Army can still write anthems – and I mean this as a compliment, they continue to evolve. For those who still associate them with the rock-meets-punk-meets-folk-meets-soul of albums like the aforementioned Thunder and Impurity…cast your ears this way. Nearly thirty years in, New Model Army are still evolving. You should still be listening…


Today Is A Good Day is released on September 14.

New Model Army website/New Model Army myspace

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