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Having interviewed Paul Haig earlier (this, along with the Justin Sullivan of New Model Army interview I did last Saturday, will appear here very soon), I went to a well-known Edinburgh record shop to swap some vinyl.

Amongst the pieces I picked up was an intriguing 7″ by a band called Cupid Mount Etna.

I can find next to nothing out about this band, except that they seem to have come from Edinburgh. They are not listed in the Great Indie disco graphy (and the Scottish one is, criminally, out of print). John Peel played the record in about February or March 1995.

Oh, and my sodding scanner and computer conspired against me to stress me out and not let me scan the cover either.

Anyone got any ideas?

Cupid Mount Etna -‘Float.’ mp3

Cupid Mount Etna -‘Clones ’92.’ mp3

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