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The Cinematics -Love and Terror (Orchard)

The follow-up album to their 2007 debut, A Strange Education, Love and Terror shows that the Cinematics have taken a quantum leap forward as a band. To play the two albums side by side is to show how they have gone from being a fairly run-of-the-mill indie band, to a band who are firing on all cylinders.

Hopefully by now you will have heard the two singles that have been extracted from the album, ‘New Mexico’ and the title track. What the Cineamatics have graudated to is writing an album full of anthems, building on influences like early U2 (check those ringing guitars!) and the Bunnymen and created something rather special. With the addition of tracks like album opener ‘All These Things’ and ‘Lips Taste Like Tears’ this is the sound of a band coming into their own.

The birth pains of this album may have been painful -house firebombings, label bankruptacy, police hassle -but this is a band who are going places, and who deserve to have as much attention paid to them as possible. Whatever the issues that went into making this album, I hope the band feel it was worth it. I do.

Cinematics -‘Love and Terror (radio edit).’ mp3

Cinematics -‘New Mexico.’ mp3

The Cinematics website/The Cinematics myspace

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