Presenting…The Factory Kids


The Factory Kids have grabbed me by the short and curlies (I need to do something about those sideburns of mine).

Based in Glasgow, Warwickshire lad Tim Chaplin and American lass Christina Marie (who came over to say hello at the 17 Seconds Records night in Glasgow last week) are plotting some weird kind of musical trajectory. Like Flaming Lips meets the Velvet Underground with Warp Records’ finest jamming with them, as if produced by Massive Attack. Something very weird and very special indeed…

Amongst their influences they cite late night phone calls, Iced Gems, Banana Bread beer, butter chicken, train rides, the streets of New York, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Leamington, three-hour dinners at Pizza Hut… this is in addition to the likes of Primal Scream and Nico.

They have already released their debut, self-titled album through New Zealand’s Powertool Records and have just released a free download single entitled ‘Not Enough’/’Analogue Dream.’

Download it here

And from their debut album, this is ‘She Said’:

Check this out…and as always, let me know what you think…

Like this? Hoped you might…pop along and say hi to them at their myspace page

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