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Money Can’t Buy Music -‘The Universe For Beginners.’ (Pony Proof)

Money Can’t Buy Music is a collaboration between Sweden’s Maja Mångård and Gordon McIntyre, probably best known as frontman of the legendary ballboy (yes, that is meant to be a lower case ‘b.’) Having been colaborating since 2005, they now release their debut album together.

And it’s an absolutely gorgeous album that showcases just what a strong pair of talents they both are. McIntyre’s vocals and songwriting are much in evidence here, but there’s a definitely separate approach in sound to that of the five ballboy albums. There’s a spirit of electronica running through the album that mixes well with the acoustic pop. it reminds this listener (in a good way) of Postal Service’s album Give Up, another album that saw two indie stalwarts broadening their indie palette with electronica.

McIntyre’s best lyrics often tell a story and represent a stream of consciousness that manages to be crafted and articulate at the same time, no mean feat for any human being. Highlights from the ballboy back catalogue have included ‘I Hate Scotland’ and ‘The sash my father wore’ (no, not the bigotry anthem, but an attack on it). Here in collaboration he adds to an already impressive back catalogue and ‘beautifulgirlssunnyledges’ with its’ character list – the ugly kid on the way to private school with his dad, the girl he’s observed reading books in the same cafe day after day, year after year from childhood onwards, is a definite highlight too.

Gorgeous, dreamy and beuatiful, this Scottish-Swedish collaboration is worth your time and your attention.


The Universe For Beginners is out now on Pony Proof

Money Can’t Buy Music -‘Love Will Break Your Heart.’ mp3

Money Can’t Buy Music -‘The Ghosts.’ mp3

Money Can’t Buy Music website/Money Can’t Buy Music myspace

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