Christmas 2009 – let it begin!


Christmas actually does look like this in Edinburgh

It’s been a fairly up and down year away from the blog (let’s just say there are a few people in my life who don’t even deserve coal in their Christmas stockings), but with Christmas fast approaching I’m determined to avoid thinking about them and even try and be a little less bah humbug.

As with the previous two years on the blog, I will be posting lots of Christmas stuff on the blog, as well as my end of year Festive fifty and Top albums (I think I’m just going to do a brief end of decade summary to avoid exhaustion). Another blogger who is also doing Christmas on the blogs is the lovely Tart, over at Love Shack, Baby, so in the very unlikely event that you haven’t been over there to say hello, please go and say hi!

Mrs. 17 Seconds has gone off on a girly weekend with old uni mates, so brother 17 Seconds and I are planning to cause all manner of mayhem, so that I can try and forget how much I am actually really missing her right now. The 17 Seconds Towers cats are already starting to mope (then again, they get abandonment issues if either of us is in the bathroom for five minutes).

So…enjoy the first track, I don’t seem to post many Danish bands here, but hope you like this:

Mew -‘She Came Home For Christmas.’ mp3

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