Presenting…Best Coast


If you combine the cool (in both senses of the word) New York winter with the California summertime, what do you think you get? The answer is Best Coast, AKA. Bethany Cosentino. Having spent time living in Brooklyn, New York, she decided to return home to California.

There she took her love of the Beach Boys and the Everly Brothers, and the end result -with a sprinkling of c86 cool – is Best Coast. A handful of 7″s later, she’s wowing folks everywhere. She’s going to be going on tour with the Vivian Girls in the US in February 2010, which on the strength of their two albums sounds like one hell of a night out….if you live on the West Coast of America, that is.

No dates scheduled for her over here in the UK at the moment, worst luck, but for now check out these two tracks and go and befriend her on myspace.

Best Coast -‘When I’m With You.’ mp3

Best Coast -‘Something In The Way.’ mp3

Best Coast blog/Best Coast myspace

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