Presenting 17 Seconds Records’ latest signing – Factory Kids!


We have been sitting on this exciting news for several weeks, wanting to wait until the new year to announce it. Well, it’s January 4, people are sliding back to work,and so are we.

17 Seconds Records’ seventh signing are The Factory Kids. The Factory Kids are a male/female duo, consisting of American Christina Marie on vocals and instruments and Warwickshire’s Tim Chaplin, also on vocals and instruments. They have so far released one self-titled album on New Zealand’s Powertool Records and the single ‘Not enough’/’Analog Dream’ on Oddbox Records, which was what brought them to our attention, in addition to their contributions to various indie compilations. They are based in Glasgow and plot a trajectory that takes in exciting stuff from the classic songwriting of Bob Dylan, thru c86 jangling to modern bass-heavy sounds.

Their first release for 17 Seconds Records will be the download five track ‘EP1’, which should be released in February. This will be followed by, er ‘EP2’ later on this year.

This is the lead track on the EP – have a listen and see what you think.

Factory Kids -‘They Used To Call Me Baby.’ mp3

Then pop along and make friends with them at myspace. They’re really nice people. Then pop back here and let us know what you think.

A full update on 17 Seconds Records will follow very shortly…

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