Glasgow band Galleries have managed to reach an interesting point with their first, free EP. Namely, they are at that juncture where post-rock and shoegazing and indie rock meet. Over the course of five tracks the band lay out their stall and do it most impressively.

The band, made up of David (Guitars/Programming/Vocals), Adam (Bass), Paul (Guitars), and Andy (Drums) – no surnames here! – may be staring at their feet but the music they are currently making sees them reaching for the stars. This is music that shows it can be arty and ambitious. They list a number of influences on their myspace and while I don’t hear much of Jimmy Eat World or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I certainly do hear the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Sigur Ros and particularly Mew.

2009 saw the scottish music scene perhaps the healthiest it has been for many, many years. And in 2010, on the strength of their debut EP, this band show that the sick man of Europe is fighting fit when it comes to wonderful music.

A band to watch very closely indeed.

Galleries – ‘+ Danger.’ mp3

Download the entire EP here

Galleries’ myspace

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