Presenting…Dum Dum Girls


Dee Dee, Jules, Frankie Rose and Bambi are the Dum Dum Girls.

With a name that nods to both the Vaselines and Iggy Pop, what you get is msuic that evokes both those artists, as well as fitting comfortably alongside the likes of the Vivian Girls, The Raincoats, Best Coast, Crystal Stilts and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Indeed, Frankie Rose was previously a member of both The Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. Clearly, Indie-pop (as opposed to indie being dull, mainstream guitar rock) is back, and it means business.

Hailing from LA, and signed to legendary indie Sub Pop, their forthcoming album is entitled I Will Be. At the moment the only track of theirs commercially available in the UK is ‘Longhair’ on the recently released Rough Trade shops compilation, this surely cannot remain that way for very long.

Their music evokes the best parts of 60s girl groups and garage bands, s70s punk, 80s DIY, 90s riot grrl and timeless tunes. If these guys do not clear up this year…more fool the general public, frankly.

‘Jail La La’ is forthcoming as a single and is out on February 15, I will Be is out on March 29.

Dum Dum Girls -‘Yours Alone.’ mp3

Dum Dum Girls -‘Catholicked.’ mp3

Dum Dum Girls -‘Jail la La.’ mp3

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