Alright…’fess up!


A mysterious email arrived in my inbox a couple of hours ago, purporting to be from a band called Bengtsarvet.

Thing is, even the email says ‘With a little bit of research you should be able to work out who we are.’

They are, apparently, Swedish and remind these ears of the likes of Mogwai, M83 and a little bit of Sigur Ros. They are instrumental and sound a little ‘prog’ but in a good way, rather than wanting to make me scream.

I have tried googling Bengtsarvet – with no result. They do not sound like any Swedish band I have ever heard.

Doubtless, this is a clever ploy to get us wondering (maybe I should try and do something similar to market 17 Seconds Records acts. Suggestions on a postcard please). Or are they a new band with an interesting ploy to get written about?

Either way, it works. The sole track on their myspace ‘Slutet’ is great and you should go and listen to it.

Bengtsarvet’s myspace.

Oh, and if you’re so bloody clever, stop being so smug and share it with us.

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