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Ardentjohn – ‘On The Wire’ (Slow Train)

There’s no shortage of bands that have ended by dissolving into fistfights…but Ardentjohn actually began with a fist fight in an Isle Of Bute Primary school playground. Sorta. Two of the band had a fight as children -then met years later on Princes St, and decided to form a band. (Interestingly, neither the press release nor the myspace reveal who had the fight – clearly this could still cause trouble all these years later).

Now a six piece, this band have put pugilism behind them to produce a debut album that is so lovely, everytime I hear it, I am almost taken aback. Whilst I wouldn’t want to use the tag ‘New Fleet Foxes’ there’s a sort of scottish pastoralism throughout this album that makes it a must hear. It doesn’t rewrite the rulebook, attack the listener or cause revolutions (least, not at this pleasant time).

Hell, nice is an adjective that’s used almost as a form of abuse rather than a compliment. So, if I can’t use ‘nice’ then, your honour, I’d like to describe it as lovely, warm, comfortable. Opening tracks ‘All That We Need’ ‘Open Road’ along with recent single ‘Home’ make this an album to treasure. Great melodies, no showing off, just a fantastic wee album.

So next time you see two wee laddies fighting it oot, tell them they never know where it might lead…


On the Wire is out now.

Make friends on their myspace page

Stream the album here

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