The return of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Back in 2002, on the NME Bratbus tour in Glasgow, I saw Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They performed a set so intensive and brilliant that I was moved to decide I was going to burn my entire music collection when I got home to Edinburgh. I sobered up over the course of the train journey home, but they blew me away and had I been writing this blog then, their debut would have topped the album chart that year.

Since then…well, I never loved the successive albums as much as the first but there were unquestionably moments of genius along the way. The main thing about BRMC was seeing them live (apart from the time they and Interpol supported U2. It was wrong watching both of those bands a) in a stadium, b) in daylight and c) not headlining).

Anyway, they are back to kick a serious amount of arse if this track is anything to go by, taken from their new album Beat The Devil’s Tattoo.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -‘Conscience Killer.’ mp3

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