Y’know, normally if a band came along who’d formed only earlier this year, who had but two songs to their name, I’d think it was a bit early to be featuring them. Especially seeing as they haven’t played any shows even.But, dammit, Whirl just sound so ready to go on these two songs alone. The California band deserve to go places with their gorgeous shoegaze sound. Even the name sounds perfectly 1990 – and i mean that as a compliment.

There’s six of them: Eddie, Loren, Byanca, Sergio, Joey and Nick. They have released their demo on cassette (if you think no-one buys cassettes any more, may I sugggest you start reading The Wire and stop reading Q; there has been a real increase in underground bands putting their stuff out on cassette) which you can buy via their myspace.

I’m not the only one who thinks they’re ace, either. Christina Marie, one half of 17 Seconds Records’ act Factory Kids, and also writer of the very fine Girls Sold Out blog has already interviewed them, here.

Whirl -‘Leave.’ mp3

Whirl -‘Meaningless.’ mp3

Whirl Myspace

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