17 Seconds Records update


Hiya people, this is a very short update as I’m shattered and I really need to sleep.

However, the new 17 Seconds Records website is up and running, and we think it looks great! Cheers, Willie. Most importantly, it has the shop up and running and amongst the things you can buy is the forthcoming Chris Bradley album, At The Outpost. Some great reviews coming in for this, and if you cannot hold on ’til the album’s out, go and buy the ‘Waltzing’ and ‘Bored Little Rosie’ singles on download.

meanwhile, there’s a lot coming the way of the blog, so much that I wonder where this weekend is going to go. There are interviews with both Kid Canaveral and Midas Fall to be written up, lots of reviews, including the new album by Emma Pollock, and as ever, a whole heap of bands I want to feature.

This is not to do them down but if you haven’t heard Beneath Us, The Waves, they are truly awesome.

Oh, and there’s an imminent new EP coming from We Were Promised jetpacks called The Last Place You’ll Look. This track has been made available as a free download:

We Were Promised Jetpacks -‘A Far Cry.’ mp3

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