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Super Adventure Club -‘Avoid Zombies’ (Armellodie)

What would happen if, in Scotland, you allowed the spirit of the Cramps to mix with the post-hardcore sounds of Shellac? Well, duh, you’d get the fantastic and not a little frightening Divorce. Obviously.

But if into that mix you also put a fear of Zombies that was topped off with an endearing scottish quirkiness…then you’d have the fantatsic Super Adventure Club. Their forthcoming new album Avoid Zombies takes all of the above influences and makes it into something really special that becomes pretty addictive. All being well, by now you have heard the rather ace recent doube A-side single ‘Pick Up Sticks’/’SAC Attack.’ But there’s far more on this album than you might expect.

‘Sheila’s Stabiliser Wheels’ is none other than an attack about sexism towards men in modern society. There’s an instrumental called ‘Think Like A Fish’ which is about the dangers of think driving – we’ll have to take their word for this (that that is what the song is about, rather than questioning the idea that thinking too much whilst you’re driving is dangerous. Like… duh. There’s fun and seriousness here, which is seemingly an unusual combination in pretty much any rock music over the last fifty years, where it might be one or the other, but… both? Here are a band to mess with the status quo (and probably Status Quo, come to that). And frankly, with a line like ‘That’s a fake nose -I can see it from here/and those joke-shop plastic fangs make you look like Alan Carr.’ Ouch. Brilliant!

There’s always been something utterly cool about three-pieces (The Jam being the finest example ever, but hats off to Doves, Bis and Biffy Clyro too), and Super Adventure Club’s new album will light up your year.

Providing you avoid Zombies, of course…


Avoid Zombies is released on April 12 on Armellodie.

Super Adventure Club -‘Nosferatu.’ mp3

Super Adventure Club on myspace

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