Presenting…Casino Brag


I’ve always been of the belief that a debut single should sound like a manifesto.

And Casino Brag are right on the money with their download single ‘Viennese Disco’/’A Fair Escape.’ It nods to Glasgow contemporaries like the 1990s and Franz Ferdiand, but you can also hear the effects of their proclaimed influences like Kate Bush and The Cure when you listen to a track like ‘Apparitions’ and ‘Authority Vogue’ on their myspace. But they take their influences and go some place with them. And I wanna go there too…

Featuring David (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Ellis (Drums and Backing Vocals), Paul (Lead guitar and Vocals) and John Paul (Bass and Backing Vocals), one listen to their myspace alone was enough to convince me to go and buy their download single. They’re currently unsigned, but on the evidence of what I hear on their myspace (and what the likes of Jim Gelattly and Tom Robinson, who have also supported the single), this surely cannot remain that way for long. On this evidence, I expect big things from these guys and very soon.

They are playing with 17 Seconds Records’ very own Dirty Cuts later on this Month, amongst a host of forthcoming dates:

17 April Nice and Sleazys, Glagsow w/The Dirty Cuts & Galoshins; 24 April The Flying Duck, Glasgow; 15 May 2010 The Captains Rest, Glasgow w/Foxgang and Sebastian Dangerfield; 18 May Hope and Anchor, Islington; 19 May Death Disco@Notting Hill Arts Club London; 18 Jun SuSu@The Wee Red Bar; Edinburgh.

Go and make friends with them on myspace; watch this video and go and buy the single!

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