Best dancefloor tracks ever?


Will be DJing in public about four times over the coming weeks, and am trying to work out what I want to play.

It can be hard trying to work out what will work a crowd and resisting the temptaion to make sarky comments to various responses to people who grumble that you aren’t playing what you want to hear. Or bringing in a track you have played a million times before at the wrong speed (I did that with ‘Blue Monday a few years back. Ah well).

Still, as one of the best tracks of the last ten years, I am almost guaranteed to give a play over the next few weeks…

LCD Soundsystem -‘Losing My Edge.’ mp3

Mind you, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this went down one time…

Birthday Party -‘Release The Bats.’ mp3

…and I wonder just how well these would go down on a Saturday night…or not…

Huggy Bear -‘Herjazz.’ mp3

Voodoo Queens -‘Supermodel Superficial.’ mp3

Oh, and of course I use vinyl…the idea of using iPods to DJ with just seems too naff…

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