What next? What now?


One of these men on the left is technically still Prime Minister. One got the most votes but not the majority needed. And one holds the balance of power.

It’s a very confusing time here in the UK.

The General Election was two days ago, people are trying to sort out deals, and no-one’s feeling like they really got the result they wanted. (Apart from the far right taking a hammering, thank God). An American journalist said he thought it was more confusing than the rules of cricket -well, it seems like a lot of people are confused.


This seems oddly appropriate. We don’t know whether to laugh, sigh, or despair. I’ve mostly had the Radio on in the car trying to work out what’s happening. Except no-one knows.

Billy Bragg -‘Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards.’ mp3

‘If you’ve got a blacklist, I wana be on it.’ And so say all of us…

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