The return of the Scottish Enlightenment


Three years ago, one of the acts I championed were Dunfermline’s The Scottish Enlightenment. They released a fine three track EP called Eyes -and whilst I would see occasional references to them in gig listings, I was left wondering whether they would follow that EP up.

Well, they have -and this five track EP is called the Pascal EP and it’s excellent (****). Also championed by Matthew over at Song, By Toad, (who played them on his show) this EP is five magnifiecently moody pieces of prime scots indie. Armellodie Records have done themselves proud yet again (and this having just released the debut from Kill The Captains and the latest Super Adventure Club album too, to say nothing of the fine Cuddly Shark album). The thought persists that if Biffy Clyro can go top five, why not the Scottish Enlightenment?

Reportedly these songs haven’t made the forthcoming album. My brain’s aching at the thought of just how good it might be…

Another EP and their debut album are to follow this year. In the meantime, enjoy this:

The Scottish Enlightenment -‘All Homemade Things.’ mp3

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