Not again…


Yet again, another excellent blog has fallen foul of some American’s with a taste for blood and litigation, and not a bloody clue about how to go about promoting music in this day and age.

This time, the casualty is Jason over at The Pop Cop, who came a cropper relating to tracks that he posted over two years ago. You can read the appalling story here.

It is unbelievable that mp3 blogs that are supporting up and coming bands and an industry that has much to blame for its’ own suffering should persecute those who are supporting bands by posting one or two mp3s. As a record company owner -and a tiny one at that -I’m ecstatic whenever someone writes about music that I have put out, and I’m proud to include Jason in that. It’s not even a request for an mp3 to be removed -every blogger has that disclaimer up, but that three years of Jason’s intellectual property has been removed. Pretty disgusting.

What I am really chuffed about is that lots of the blogging community in Scotland have come together and are blogging about this and supporting Jason. People including Jock’n’Roll, Aye Tunes, and Peenko to name but three, What is really needed is some kind of ‘Go stuff the DMCA-they are a bunch of money-grabbing ****s who don’t know shit about music’ organisation, but that may have to wait another day.

It seems some people still do not realise that mp3 blogs are keeping the music biz aliove, and that established acts need them just as much as new acts -one PR guy has been trying to arrange for me to do an interview with none other than Jim Kerr (yes, frontman of Simple Minds) for several weeks. VENCEREMOS!

Join the Facebook group and support Jason.

Crass -‘Do they Owe Us A Living?’

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