Presenting…French Wives


Over the last week, I’ve totally fallen for a band from Glasgow called French Wives. This five piece have released two awesome singles so far -‘Hallowe’en’/’Dogfight’ last October and this month they have issued their second ‘Me Vs. Me.’

As yet they are unsigned, but on the strength of their two singles, this surely won’t be the case for very long. They have several gigs lined up on their myspace page, and appearances at Rockness amongst other places, though nothing lined up in Edinburgh for now.

The band (Siobhan Anderson, Chris Barclay, Stuart Dougan, Scott W.D. Macpherson and Jonathyn Smith) include Sege Gainsbourg and Arcade Fire amongst their influences, as well as nearer to home bands like Camera Obscura and Belle and Sebastian. They sound like very few Glasgow bands I’ve ever heard (though if they have any musical kin I reckon it’s the mighty Fear The Fives). They sound European, in the same way that Broken Records sound European, though paardoxically I don’t think they sound much like Broken Records. I like to think they’ll appeal to people who like The Last Battle, burnit Island and the aforementioned Broken Records.

Make up your own mind -and please go and pay for the singles if you like this (three awesome unreleased tracks on their myspace too!):

French Wives -‘Hyndland Weather Bear.’ mp3

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