Album Review – The Drums


The Drums -‘The Drums (Moshi Moshi/Island-Universal)

If music can be considered to be more-ish, then that’s what this debut album from The Drums is.

Having given us a handful of singles and an EP, many of which appear here. And whatever the indie-hipsters may say or not say, I think this album may well end up soundtracking my summer and quite a few other people’s. Much like the debut album releases earlier this year from the Dum Dum girls and the Soft Pack, this is an album by a North American band who may not win many points for originality, but win more than enough points by producing an album that’s fresh, fun and so goddamn tuneful. In the Drums’ world, the spirit of The Cure’s The Head On The Door, New Order’s Lowlife and the seminal c86 tape aren’t copied but proudly worn.

‘Let’s Go Surfing’ enters the lexicon of great pop songs featuring Whistling (see also ‘I Love Your Smile’ and ‘Young Folks.’ From start ‘Best Friend’ to close ‘The Future’ this is the sound of four young guys having fun, listening to their favourite tunes, and sounding like they’ve made an album for the sheer joy of it (this may be very clever production but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt). The nineties revival may be around the corner revisiting Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, but I’ll hold this album to my heart and up like a shield.

Brilliant stuff, folks, this is an album to enjoy from start to finish and not just cherry-picked on the iPod.


The Drums is out now on Moshi Moshi.

Get free and legal music by the Drums here

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