Jesus H. Foxx – taster for forthcoming album revealed


I know, I know…other blogs have already covered this, but as usual I’m wading through so much stuff.

Anyway, Jesus H. Foxx are working towards completing their first album, which should be out in October, on Song, By Toad Records. I’ve seen Jesus H. Foxx live no less than three times over the last six months, sharing the stage with the likes of Broken Records, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Withered Hand and White Heath. They totally rule. And this new song shows them developing even further. You should have already bought the ‘Tightt Ideas’ (sic) single and the Matter EP -and if you haven’t; what the bloody hell is wrong with you?

This is shaping up to be another excellent album from Song, By Toad Records. Bring it on…

Jesus H. Foxx -‘J & J.’ mp3

Jesus H. Foxx’s myspace

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