Beds are for sleepy people…


..Hmm, yes.

It’s been a quiet few days around this blog, which is not to say it’s been quiet round these parts.

On the contrary…I’ve been DJing the last two nights on the trot. Thursday night saw me DJing inbetween the bands at the Last Battle single launch at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar. An entirely scottish indie set which saw me play the likes of the Pastels, Peter Parker and Jesus H. Foxx, along with the Dirty Cuts and Aberfeldy. The night was not all about me (yes, ha ha) but saw sets from Jonnie Common, a solo set by Neil Pennycook of Meursault (fresh from Glastonbury!!!!) and the Last Battle themselves. And Neil and Bart from eagleowl helped out on the Last Battle’s set. So a great gig all round. Great sets all, the wee red was hotter than a sauna and absolutely packed. Added to which, the single has been played by Jim Gellatly (and featured in his podcast), Vic Galloway (and featured in his podcast) and also featured in the recent Song By Toad podcast. It will be available on iTunes etc.. from Monday. The Skinny have given it 4/5 which is the first decent review they have given anything on the label.

And yesterday I DJed at my friend Louisa’s birthday party, this time with a set featuring the likes of Madonna, The Killers and Outkast. Hadn’t DJed at Cabaret Voltaire for over a year, good fun to be back there!

Anyway, these two tracks are so gorgeous I have had them on repeat this morning. Enjoy…

The Rentals -‘Story Of A Thousand Seasons Past.’ mp3

The Rentals -‘Honey Life.’ mp3

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