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Mitchell Museum -‘The Peter’s Port Memorial Service’ (Electra French)

Over the last year, this awesome Glasgow four-piece have steadily been making more and more of a name for themselves. And deservedly so. Singles like ‘Tiger’s Heartbeat,’ ‘Take The Tongue Out’ and the recent ‘Warning Bells’ have shown that this is a band who have a way with a song that shows that anthemic does not have to mean anaemic, bland or flag waving, but killer tunes that will hopefully find their place on festival stages and indie discos for many years to come. And if there’s any justice, maybe daytime radio as well…

This album has been picking up some love across the blogosphere, quite rightly, and I will happily add myself to the ever-growing list of the album’s admirers. It’s not just the three aforementioned singles that grab you, but the whole album, which, particularly importantly in this day and age of people cherry-picking a handful of tracks on download services, works as a whole. Opener ‘We Won Second Prize’ feels like an overture for the show that’s about to unfold.

Though they hail from Glasgow, they don’t evoke a particularly scottish sound, it’s more evocative of the likes of prime Arcade Fire or Mercury Rev. But these guys are no copyists, they are ploughing their own furrow and one I am more than to follow.


Mitchell Museum -‘Mission 1.’ mp3

The Peter’s Port Memorial Service is released tomorrow on Electra French.

Mitchell Museum website/Mitchell Museum myspace

‘Warning Bells’ – mitchell museum from mitchell museum on Vimeo.

Take the Tongue Out Video from mitchell museum on Vimeo.

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