Four years old!


‘C’mon! You must play with me before playing your records!’

So…17 Seconds (the blog) is four years old.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, that’s seen me getting sent more music to review than I would have thought possible, getting on the guest list for lots of gigs, being written about, meeting lots of fantastic people, getting to DJ again…not to mention setting up a record label and interviewing people I have idolised, to being asked to present my own show on the radio.

Sure it’s had its’ downsides, but it’s been great, overall, so far. According to Matthew at Song, By Toad it’s the longest-running mp3 blog in Scotland so far. It’s been a helluva a journey at the same time -when I started the blog, Mrs. 17 Seconds had only just moved in (never mind getting married), we didn’t have the cats and the thought of radio shows, interviewing singers or promoting gigs was just fantasy. I didn’t have much of a clue how to go about it, but on a wing and a prayer I’ve got this far.

So thanks to everyone who’s supported me, particularly my parents, brother and sister in law, fellow bloggers, Laurent and Scott for helping me do the label and anyone whose encouraged me. Readers who left comments, bands who made me feel that coverage from me mattered. Especially when my world was falling down around my ears. Most of all to my lovely wife Mrs. 17 Seconds, with whom I celebrated three years of marriage yesterday.

There’s so many songs I could post right now- but if there’s just going to be one, it has to be this, the song that named my mission into the world of music on my terms:

The Cure -‘Seventen Seconds.’ mp3


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