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I’ve heard way, way too much indie by numbers of late, so I’m more than a little relieved to hear a record that makes me prick up my ears (yes, very funny) and want to listen to it again and again.

The record in question is Funeral Club‘s song ‘Whiskey and Clyde’ which is an excellent line in gothic. Think not so much hanging around Kensington Market hoping to be recruited for a Sisters of Mercy video, but the gothic of Nick Cave’s writing and music or David Lynch (I’m reading Cave’s The Death of Bunny Munro and watching the Twin Peaks Series 1 at the moment. There are few better ways to spend your time by yourself).

Formerly known as the Grizzly Owls, the band were formed by the husband and wife team of Joseph and Jenny Andreotti in 2006, and play with Raymond Richards and Bri Ana Drennon. Amongst their influences they list not only Nick Cave and the Gun Club but also the more ethereal goth sounds of the Cocteaus and Slowdive.

This track isn’t on their album The Year Of the Bloody Sevens, but they are making it available as a free download, so download this, and go and buy the album. I just have…

Funeral Club -‘Whiskey and Clyde.’ mp3

Like this? Try ‘Whatever has he done?’ and ‘The Arrival Of the First Woman.’

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