It’s that time of year…yet again!


August in Edinburgh.

The International Festival, The Book Festival, The Fringe (Film Festival now takes place in June)…an extremely busy time for the city, but one I look forward to every year.

And then proceed to grumble about when tourists get in my way, and I spend my life saying ‘No I don’t want your flyer.’

Quite forgetting of course, that I arrived here nine years ago, knowing no-one in this City, to see my brother doing his stuff on the fringe…and I stayed. And earned money by flyering. And if some of my dreams crashed and burned, then many of them came true. I met my wonderful wife of three years and married here, met some of my best friends, started interviewing and reviewing bands, DJing, worked in various record shops, and started my own label. Not a bad outcome for a week’s holiday.

Mark E. Smith lived here for a time twenty years ago, so this song has a sorta resonance for me.

The Fall -‘Edinburgh Man.’ mp3

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