The return of Broken Records!


Broken Records, who I have long championed here at 17 Seconds (first reveiwing them in August 2007) will release their sophomore album Let Me Come Home on October 25.

As with their debut Until the Earth Begins To Part, it will be released by 4AD. Let Me Come Home was recorded in Glasgow with producer Tony Doogan, who’s also worked with other Scottish legends such as Mogwai, the Delgados and Belle & Sebastian. It features guest vocals by Jill O’Sullivan from Sparrow and the Workshop, and artwork by the legendary Vaughan Oliver of v23. A new single, ‘A Darkness Rises Up’ will be released on October 18th.

You can download the opening track ‘A Leaving Song’ when you sign up to their mailing list here, which seems very reasonable.

They are playing as part of the Edge Festival in Edinburgh at the Liquid Rooms on August 28 (supported by Sparrow and the Workshop), and also on September 23 at Arthur’s Day, Dublin (Venue TBC) and September 28th at Hoxton Bar & Grill, London. A tour will be announced shortly.

Check out the fab new song (see link above). Meanwhile, if you still haven’t heard this, shame on you!

Broken Records ‘If The News Makes You sad, Don’t Watch It.’ mp3

Broken Records’ website/myspace

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