Gig Review: Mitchell Museum/White Heath

Mitchell Museum/White Heath, Electric Circus, Edinburgh; August 12, 2010

Last summer, two fine Scottish bands were bought to my attention, whose work I have featured regularly here on 17 Seconds and who I hope to continue to do so. They are (like the heading at the top didn’t give it away!) White Heath and Mitchell Museum. White Heath are currently recording their debut with Jim Sutherland for release late this year or early next year; Mitchell Museum’s debut the Peters Port Memorial Service is out now.

This is the third time I have seen White Heath in the last six months and it is clear that they have grown considerably I confidence. Of all the albums I am looking forward to being released over the next six months, this is undoubtedly one of the top. Their audience is growing too (and if they’d like to shut up between songs, some of them, that’d be nice too!) It’s a year since their debut EP appeared and the songs have continued to evolve too. Songs from the EP like ‘Election Day’ and ‘7:38’ sit comfortably alongside new songs like ‘Gigi’ and the closing ‘Blue.’

Mitchell Museum‘s profile has also grown over the last year, and last month they were on the front cover of Scotland’s The Skinny magazine, which is a sign of making inroads on the music scene. They start with album opener ‘We Won 2nd Prize.’ They do a good gig, I just wish that singer Cammy didn’t seem so nervous. I realise that it’s easier to play the keyboards from behind them than in front (for fairly obvious reasons!) but he is a man with the mark of a natural frontman. Relax, bro.

You can also tell a lot about a band by the songs they cover – I sincerely hope that I will be able to get my hands on at least an mp3 of their cover of M.I.A.’s ‘paper Planes’ because it’s a fine reworking. It sits well with the songs from their debut such as the title track and singles like ‘Take The Tongue Out’ ‘Tigers Heartbeat’ and ‘Warning Bells.’

Immaterial that these guys are from Scotland (or Siberia, for all i care), they have produced some excellent stuff and I look forward to watching them continue to grow. Sometime soon, then, guys?

Mitchell Museum -‘Mission 1.’ mp3

White Heath -‘Gigi (17 seconds session).’ mp3

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