Album review – Cold Seeds


King Creosote, Meursault and Animal Magic Tricks -‘Cold Seeds.’ (Song, By Toad Records)

This is clearly the year of painfully cool collaborations (see also: Burns Unit). Cold Seeds is Kenny Anderson (AKA King Creosote), Neil Pennycook (of Meursault, who also features on the forthcoming debut album from the Last Battle), Frances Donnelly (AKA Animal Magic Tricks), and cellist Pete Harvey who plays with both Meursault and The Leg.

This album was recorded over two weekends last year at Song, By Toad HQ. It was literally recorded live in the living room -and you can hear Floyd the cat on the first track (he’s a Maine coon, and absolutely gorgeous). This whole album is a lo-fi gem. You may have heard ‘Crank Resolutions’ on the most recent Meursault album (I certainly hope you have by now) and King Creosote’s ‘By 11 o’clock she’d left,’ one of my favourite songs of his. Both songs appear performed by the artists together, in radically different form. For my money, the highlight of the album is the King Creosote-led version of Donnelly’s song ‘the Perfume Of Mexican Birds.’

It is as lofi as anything, and that will probably put some people off. Their loss. This is a document of what sounds like two wonderful weekends and something you oughta hear if you have any interest in the current scottish music scene, and indeed, beyond.


Cold Seeds is released on Song By Toad Records (officially) on September 20.

Cold Seeds -‘Leave Me To Lie Alone In the Ground.’ mp3

Cold Seeds -‘The Perfume of Mexican Birds.’ mp3

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