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Inspector Tapehead -‘Duress Code’ (Song, By Toad Records)

Having given Matthew Young, owner of Song, By Toad Records, a few sleepless nights -given that this album was supposed to be ready two years ago,Inspector Tapehead finally unleash their debut album on the world. Several listens in to this fine album, I have given up trying to find a category for it, because it just seems like a lame attempt to pigeonhole something to try and pin it down. And because every time I listen to it, I find something new I haven’t picked up on before.

There’s definitely a freshness no matter how many times you hear it. And whilst I clutch at straws, I genuinely think it will appeal to people who like label-mates Meursault. Though having said that, it doesn’t really sound much like Meursault at all.Think a garage rock meets a straight country band, only who sound as scottish as, but without particularly scottish accents.

‘I Am Your Pedigree’ is an awesome love song -of sorts -complete with ‘OMGWTF did he really just sing that‘ moment. It appears to have more going on its’ less than four minutes than some people manage in an entire career. Without becoming unbearably complex or too clever for its’ own good.

As the album draws to a close, and I know I will be playing it again, very soon, I reflect on two things: Firstly, it may have been a long time in the making, but the end justifies the means. And secondly, coming just a few months after the Meursault album -to say nothing of Trips and Falls, Maxwell Panther and Cold Seeds, Song By Toad Records are flying very high indeed.


Duress Code is out now on Song, By Toad Records.

Inspector Tapehead -‘Yarvil.’ mp3

Inspector Tapehead -‘Pherenzik Tear.’ mp3

The album launch takes place at the Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art this Thursday. Before that, they play an instore at Avalanche Records, Cockburn St at 5PM.

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