Presenting…Admiral Fallow


Admiral Fallow used to be known as the Brother Louis Collective. Whether or not they changed their name because they reminded people of dodgy 80s German rock band Modern Talking, we may never know. In fact it’s prabably far more likely to do with the fact that they are gathered around the songwriting genius of Louis Abbott.

The band also features Kevin Brolly (Clarinet, Piano, Drum), Philip Hague (Drums), Sarah Hayes (Piano, Flute, Singing), Joseph Rattray (Upright Bass), and Tom Stearn (Guitars, Singing).

I have to confess I’d been familiar with the name, but not so much the music until I heard this track on Vic Galloway’s show the other day, taken from their album Boots Met My Face

Admiral Fallow -‘Boots Met My Face.’ mp3

…and enjoy this too.

As ever, let me know what you think!

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