Keeping it Peel


Tomorrow marks six years since John Peel died.

Keepingitpeel is being organised by Webbie, the guy behind the Football and Music blog, to mark six years since the legendary DJ’s untimely death.

My own radio show will be starting again soon on Fresh Air, and while it’s nowhere near as good as peelie’s were, I try and pay respect to him above all other DJs when I’m presenting it. The sessions people recorded for his show became legendary, and indeed many bands formed solely so that they could get a session -and then called it quits once they had achieved his aim.

As well as recording songs to promote the latest single or album, there were also some wonderful curios thrown up over the years, like this cover

Sisters Of Mercy -‘Emma (Peel session).’ mp3

Yes, it really IS Andrew Eldritch and co. covering the Hot Chocolate hit.

I’ll be posting something different for tomorrow…

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