Over the last few days, my inbox has been creaking under the weight of new music.

In no small part, this is because of being one of forty bloggers who have been chosen to be the judges for the Emerging Talent Competition taking place at Glastonbury this year, which also includes none other than Matthew Young over at Song, By Toad.

Now I don’t know if these guys -Surreal -are going in for the competition, but I do know they have already got the thumbs up from both Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson. Surreal are Laurence Allen, who writes and performs all the vocals, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Rowkins, who takes care of the music.

This was the first track of theirs that I played and it blew me away. Excellent use of samples, and nice to have a band who a) were not being sycophantic in their email and b)actually gave me something more than just a myspace address to follow (which is really quite irritating).

Poetry In Motion by surreal

This is another excellent song:

Idle Pop and Prancing Stars by surreal

Now go along to their soundcloud page and check out the rest of their stuff. This is extremely awesome stuff.

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