Album review: Conquering Animal Sound


Conquering Animal Sound -‘Kammerspiel.’ (Gizeh Records/Mini 50)

The first thing i would recommend about listening to this album -and i do, by the way – is to make sure that you give it your proper attention whilst listening to it. Ideally you should be doing that with any music anyway, but with this album particularly, hearing it in the background you won’t be giving it a proper chance, as witnessed by the disparaging remarks of two very different people who only over heard it. This album is onion-like; not that it writes satirical articles but in that it has many, many layers. Thus; what can sound tuning and white noise (as on ‘Wildthings’) if simply playing away on the stereo in the corner of the room makes sense when heard within the context of the album.

Conquering Animal Sound are Anneke Kampman and James Scott, who formed in Edinburgh in 2009. Kampman’s vocals remind of of Bjork’s -and I mean that as a compliment; sounding both filled with childlike wonder as well as being sage-like at the same time. Musically it’s a mixture of folk drones, artfully employed static and electronica that make up gorgeously formed op songs. If you ever thought electronic music was cold, then listen to this, one of the warmest albums I have heard in ages (oh, and I think the original ‘Dr. Who’ theme proves you wrong, by the way!)

So yes, there’s an experimental aspect, but it’s used to craft songs. At the risk of alienating the blogging community, it’s like Bjork circa Debut or Post meeting the mighty Meursault; or Joanna Newsom fronting Matmos. To these ears, this is one of the most rewarding albums I have heard this year, consistently challenging and delighting. Even if I have to work to convince those around me of it…


Kammerspiel is released on Gizeh Records/Mini 50 on February 7.

CONQUERING ANIMAL SOUND – Kammerspiel by Gizeh

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