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Jonny -‘Jonny’ (Turnstile)

It was a considerable surprise to everyone when former Zygotic Mynci’s mainman Euros Childs and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake announced that they weregoing to collaborate on an album. Not least because they announced that it would marry the savage electronics of Wolf Eyes’ Burned Mind with the lyrical concerns of Deicide’s self-titled 1990 album.

Of course they haven’t! Euros did do backing vocals for Teenage Fanclub’s most recent album, Shadows. Given the acts with which they are most associated, the album generally feels more Euros-driven than Norman. With the exception of the tracks ‘Circling The Sun’ and ‘The Goodnight’ which feel much more like Norman and ver Fannies.

Overall, this is a very good, solid album. ‘Cave Dance’ is the album’s standout track, starting as a Super Furry Animals-style knees-up, and then going all kraut rock in the second part. On the other hand, ‘Bread’ feels as much like filleer as its’ culinary namesake.

While this album offers no real surprises, and doesn’t reallyrate as being amongst the best projects that eitehr has been involved in, it is nevertheless a pleasant listen and worth hearing.


Jonny is out now on Turnstile.

This EP doesn’t contain any of the tracks from the album, but it’s free and it’s very lovely indeed.

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