Frankie & the Heartstrings


Frankie & the Heartstrings -‘Hunger’ (Pop Sex/Wichita)

So…British guitar music is in the doldrums. But, never fear! Frankie & the Heartstrings have come along to change that state of affairs.

Umm, or maybe not. Maybe it’s my advancing years, but for starters, alarm bells ring when some sources said this was going to be the best British debut since Definitely Maybe. Yes, that was a great record, a great debut…but by God, it didn’t half usher in some utter rubbish.

And the thing about Frankie & the Heartstrings is that they are just so flmaing shallow. Look: I’ve given this album three listens and that’s two more than it deserved. Much as I hate to use the phrase ‘Unique Selling Point’ (or ‘USP’ to use its’ ‘hip’ (huh!) acronym) but there isn’t one on this record. No Je Ne Sais Quoi

There have been plenty of bands whose work was not particularly original. There are unquestionably albums that I think it’s fairly safe to say both the band and I have in common. But this does not make for an interesting record. This album is unbelievably cliched and dull. It’s not even worth hating!

I don’t doubt that there will be a resurgence of interest in British guitar indie bands. But records as uninspiring as this will not do it.

Come back Johnny Borrell, we’ll let you off with a caution.


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